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Welcome to Greenville Oaks Church of Christ

We are a community based church located in (community name) in the (District name /Province name) of the (Region name/State name) of (Country name)

We are a loving and caring Christian family, we are passionate about leading people to Christ to transform their lives positively.  We believe in and practice the New Testament doctrine.

We meet on Sundays to worship, and on other week days to study the Bible and for prayers.

On Sundays we collectively offer God our hearts, souls, and minds. We worship Him in truth and in spirit for who He is and what He has done for us.

Our Sunday worship activities include; we Sing — we sing hymns to praising God (drumming and dancing are not part of our worship), we Pray — (Only men are allow to lead worship and pray in a collective prayer), we partake the Lord’s Super/ Communion to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus, we Teach/Preach bible-based messages to encourage and admonish members to live godly life the best way possible; and we give Offering to support the work of God.

For further information and direction to the church contact the following church leader(s) below:

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