GBS was formed by some baptized members of the Church of Christ in Ghana, West Africa with the aim of promoting the gospel and developing a comprehensive and accessible online directory for the benefit of all members of Church of Christ.

This church directory hopefully will help connect all our local congregations; making it easy to search a congregation by name, region and district to pull information about them including their contact and location details just by a click of a button on your smart phone.


We are working hard to bring on board all our local congregations and to keep this platform active and current at all times.

At the moment, only a few brethren who started it are supporting financially. To ensure sustainability of this great initiative, we need your voluntary financial support to help us gather all the relevant information on our local congregations.


Joining the directory is voluntary, however, not just any church bearing the name Church of Christ qualifies to be on this directory. To qualify, your congregation MUST meet the following criteria.

  1. Must firmly believe, preach, and practice the New Testament doctrine; including observance of the Lord’s Supper on Sundays.

  2. Must not give women in the church the authority to lead worship activities or occupy a position of authority in the Church.

  3. Must not play instrumentals and dancing during Church service.

  4. Must not practice tongues-speaking

  5. Must not collect tithe and any other practices which are alien to the New Testament.

  6. Must believe and respect the autonomy/independence of individual local congregations from administrative interference, and must support and contribute to any effort to promote church unity and cooperation.

  7. Must not be involved in the celebration of Christmas, Easter, and any man-made festivities.

Please note that if your church does not meet all of these criteria then you are disqualified to register on this directory; and if you do, we will terminate your account without notice.


1. Click on register to create account

2. Click on login to your account to complete your church information

3. Click on New Listing to complete your church details and save.

4. Note: if your church has already been registered on this directory and you wish to add extra information or update the church profile image, contact us to give you the login credentials to be able to manage the account yourself.

5. Note: If you do any changes to your church account, it will not take effect until we have reviewed and published it to go live. Therefore, you must contact us each time you update your church information via WhatsApp or call.


We entreat you to explore more on this site and leave a comment if any. Again, we urge you to report to us any error, misinformation, or unqualified church you may find on the directory.

You may call, send a mail or click on the WhatsApp button on the right corner of this page.


Phone: +233548629941, +233206007255


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